Motorola 6 and 8 Channel Receivers

Updated: August 19, 2015

Subject: GPS Receiver Replacement

Models Affected: 1088A/B, 1084A/B/C, 1083A/B, 1093A/B/C, 1092A/B/C, and 1133A

Arbiter Systems has identified a maintenance requirement for the Motorola 6 and 8 channel GPS receivers in our Satellite-Controlled Clocks. After 17+ years of continual use, the receiver memory will exceed its maximum number of write cycles, leading to errors in the clock operation. This error is evidenced via an incorrect date while the clock appears to be functioning normally, indicating GPS lock and tracking multiple satellites. Some clocks may also indicate "TIME NOT AVAILABLE" on the front panel display. Position and time information may be correct, but the clock will not provide the current date.

Arbiter Systems recommends replacing the obsoleted 6 or 8 channel Motorola GPS receiver after 15 years of continual use to avoid in-field failures. This replacement/upgrade must be done at the factory and requires additional circuitry, including adapter boards and a new 12 channel iLotus receiver. The factory upgrade will incur a nominal fee and includes performing all updates to bring the clock up to current production status, burn-in, and testing to factory specifications.

For additional information please contact Technical Support.

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