A Look Back

History of Arbiter Systems®, Inc.

Founded in 1973 as a metrology consulting company, Arbiter Systems initially provided research services for the US Navy. Those efforts led to the development of two key product lines that serve as the foundation of Arbiter Systems®, Inc. today.

Arbiter developed the first accurate satellite-controlled clock in 1976, based on the GOES satellite system. Awarded a patent on the time-delay correction algorithms, the clock was the fore-runner of a complete line of GPS based precision clocks serving the power industry today.

Setting new standards, Arbiter's Model 1040 Panel Meter Calibrator was introduced in 1979, establishing the company as a leader in field-ready, portable AC/DC calibration. This product can be identified as the genesis for the future entry into the portable power calibration and measurement device market, personified by models 911 and 918, Arbiter's first portable phase angle and multi-metering products.

The current management team purchased the company in 1986, transforming the company from a research and services company to a product focused, customer oriented support organization based on precision timing and power measurement technology.

Arbiter Systems' product line has expanded to over thirty different products tailored to the world wide electric power industry. Metrology instruments primarily developed on Navy research contracts continue to be serviced and sold to laboratories in aerospace and defense.

Precision Timing

Leveraging the emergence of GPS Satellite technology during the 1990s, Arbiter introduced a series of high performance, value-driven precision timing solutions to meet a variety of industry demands. Currently, Arbiter clocks are used to measure synchrophasors, as master network time clocks (based on NTP - Network Time Protocol), provide event timing, detect power grid faults and much more.

Released in 1992 and still a trend setter today, Arbiter Model 1088B established industry standards for timing accuracy, adaptability and reliability. Advances in modular component design, satellite antenna and receiver technology and time correction algorithms allows the 1088B to be at home in a laboratory or substation.

The seminal 1088B was soon followed by a series of additional timing products designed to fill specific and generic roles in substation and other industry applications. With eight models and hundreds of configurations to chose from, Arbiter has proven it's ability to provide robust, value driven solutions across it's entire product line.

Examples include Model 1094B, a stock model featuring high accuracy, the most requested features in a substation model, and value-pricing to meet the most stringent budgets. Model 1092 features similar performance in a desktop model, while Model 1095 is designed for the most rugged environments, including outdoor applications.

Power Measurement and Calibration

The 90's also continued the tradition of developing rugged, portable power measurement and calibration devices, Arbiter debuted Model 931A in 1994. Quickly followed by the value oriented 930A and 929A models, these products included Arbiter's proprietary PowerDSA technology which enabled a level of precise measurement not previously possible. Handheld products followed including the popular Model 928A.

In support of the calibration and measurement devices, Arbiter also introduced a line of stock and custom test leads. Designed to work with Arbiter products and interface with other devices, the company produces a variety of single and three phase test lead sets supporting user-selectable connectors, wire types, and fuses for maximum re-usability and safety.

Synchronized Power Measurements - All-In-One Performance

The release of revolutionary Model 1133A in 1997 combined power measurement with precise timing in a single unit - an industry first. Included in the unit is ground breaking phasor measurement technology (synchrophasors), recently recognized by the power industry as a key enabler of grid stability. The Power Sentinel, with EnergyDSA technology, also supports power quality, system time, frequency deviation and advanced revenue accuracy in a convenient rack mountable package.

In coordination with the release of Model 1133A, Arbiter established a full time international sales and marketing presence to meet global demand. Currently, representatives world-wide support and market Arbiter products to local and national power and utility companies.

Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Today

In the tradition of excellence, Arbiter engineering is dedicated to enabling tomorrow's technology today. Development plans from Arbiter include products aimed at the Smart Grid market, enabling robust and fail-safe operations across the communications, computer and power utility industries. Count on Arbiter Systems®, Inc. to provide world class solutions for the global power transmission industry.

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