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Model 1088B GPS Satellite controlled Precision Time ClockArbiter Systems®, Inc. delivers world class GPS based precision timing and frequency solutions for a variety of evolving markets. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, Arbiter precision time clocks and supporting products surpass industry standards in terms of accuracy, flexibility, reliability, connectivity and value, and are as at home in the substation as they are in the laboratory.

Arbiter clocks are based on highly configurable designs, supporting multiple connector types, high drive outputs, fiber optic support, and NTP server time management, among other features. In a rack, on the desktop, or outdoors, Arbiter clocks fit seamlessly into your environment. Millions of up-time operating hours prove their reliability, and most clocks are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner/purchaser.

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Model 940A Timing System Analyzer

Reads, analyzes, and sources IRIG-B. The comprehensive instrument for power substation timing.

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Model 1073A Distribution Amplifier

Time Code Distribution Solution - designed to buffer and distribute signals generated by other Arbiter GPS Satellite-Controlled Clocks.

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Model 1083B GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard

Model 1083B Frequency Standard/Comparator delivers performance comparable to atomic frequency standards, but at a fraction of the price.

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Model 1084B/C GPS Satellite Clock (40 ns)

Value driven version of Model 1088B, featuring the same high accuracy, reliability and many of the same feature-extending options.

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Model 1088B GPS Satellite Clock (40 ns)

Setting the standard by which other precision time clocks are measured, Model 1088B features unprecedented accuracy, maximum flexibility and proven reliability.

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Model 1092A/B/C GPS Satellite-Controlled Clock (500 ns)

Value oriented tabletop GPS precision timing source based on Model 1093, designed for a broad range of applications

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Model 1093B/C GPS Satellite-Controlled Clock (500 ns)

An Arbiter Systems® best seller, Model 1093B/C provides accuracy, flexibility and economy to meet a broad range of industry applications.

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Model 1094B GPS Substation Clock (250 ns)

Includes the most commonly requested features and accuracy ratings for typical substation applications, all at a competitive price point.

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Model 1095A/C Industrial GPS Clock (250 ns)

Precision GPS timing source for industrial applications in a compact, rugged enclosure, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Model 1201B/C GNSS Synchronized Clock (100ns)

Next generation multi-satellite timing source for precision applications. Featuring enhanced performance and security (EPS).

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AS0077601 - Remote GPS Receiver for Doble Model F6150

Remote GPS Receiver for the Doble Model F6150.

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