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All Arbiter precision time clocks may be used as a timing source in the use of synchrophasor measurements. Popular models include:

Phasor Measurement Units

Phasor Measurement units - called Synchrophasors - are precise grid measurements of electrical waves to determine the health of the electricity distribution system. 

Phasor measurement units are considered one of the most important measuring devices in the future of power systems. A PMU can be a dedicated device, or the PMU function can be incorporated into a protective relay or other device.

PMU measurements are often taken at 30 observations per second (compared to one every 4 seconds using conventional technology). Time stamping each measurement to a common time reference (provided by very high precision clocks) allows synchrophasors from different locations and utilities to be synchronized. When data from multiple PMUs are combined together, the information provides a precise and comprehensive view of the entire interconnection. Synchrophasors enable a superior indication of grid stress, and are often used used to trigger corrective actions to maintain reliability.

Arbiter provides PMUs compatible with IEEE C37.118.

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