Options - Option 01 LCD Backlight

Summary Information

Operation is controlled from the keyboard, and may be continuous ON, OFF, or automatic: on for 30 seconds after any key is pressed. Backlight life - 2000 hours, continuous operation. Available on the Models 1084B/C, 1088B, 1092B and 1093B/C. This is standard on Model 1094B

Full Description

Option 01 for the Arbiter System line of Satellite-Controlled Clocks adds illumination to the front panel display, if so equipped. The standard reflective liquid crystal display (LCD) is replaced with a transflective LCD. An Electro-luminescent (EL) panel located behind the transflective LCD provides backlighting; thereby increasing the readability of the display in subdued lighting conditions.

The backlight can be set to remain on indefinitely, or to turn off after a predetermined time following the last keystroke. With the backlight turned off, the display is still readable in ordinary ambient light.


  • Initial Luminance: 30 cd/m2 minimum
  • Service Life: 4000 hours (down to 10 cd/m2)


The SETUP menu outlined in the Operation Manual contains a sub-menu, which allows selection of the backlight-operating mode. To set the backlight-operating mode, observe the following steps:

  1. With the clock power turned on, press the SETUP key. The display should change to read, SET RS-232.
  2. Press the SETUP key repeatedly, until the display reads, “SET BACK LIGHT?”. Press the ENTER key to select the backlight sub-menu. The current backlight operating mode will be displayed, from one of the following selections:

    OFF – Backlight never on.

    ON – Backlight always on.

    AUTO – Backlight turns on when a key is pressed, remains on for 30 seconds after the last key is pressed. This is the preferred mode for applications requiring a lighted display, since it will provide the longest EL panel lifespan (see Specifications, above).

  3. Pressing the UP and DOWN keys will change the selection. When the desired operating mode is displayed, press the ENTER key to confirm the choice and return to the first level of the SETUP menu.

The backlight operating mode can also be changed via the RS-232C port, using the L0, L1, or L2 commands for OFF, ON, and AUTO, respectively. For details regarding this and other capabilities of the RS-232C port, refer to the User manual, Appendix A,

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