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GPS III satellites and ground station projects delayed

US defence technology firm Raytheon’s advanced GPS project has encountered yet more cost-inflating delays, according to reports.
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Industroyer malware linked to Kiev blackouts

Modular nasty can seize direct control of substation switches and circuit breakers
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Hard-coded passwords in old GE protection relays.

General Electric is pushing patches for protection relay bugs that, if exploited, could open up transmission systems to a grid-scale attack.
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Daylight Saving Time Ending In Michigan?

Lawmakers consider ending Daylight Saving Time in Michigan
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Massachusetts weighs doing away with winter time shift

An 11-member commission will begin weighing the economic and health impacts of the state remaining on Eastern Daylight Time year-round.
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Google turns on free public NTP servers that SMEAR TIME

Google says the new services is for “anyone who needs to keep local clocks in sync with VM instances running on Google Compute Engine, to match the time used by Google APIs, or for those who just need a reliable time service.”

However, Google also says “We recommend that you don’t configure Google Public NTP together with non-leap-smearing NTP servers.”
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Schneider Electric Unity PRO Software vulnerability prior to V11.1

A vulnerability in Schneider Electric’s industrial controller management software created a possible mechanism for hackers to plant malicious code on industrial networks.
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