Precision Clock Selection Guide

Precision Timing Products Selection Guide

A = Available on all versions (A/B/C) unless otherwise specified
S = Standard on all versions (A/B/C) unless otherwise specified

Specification 1083 1084 1088 1092 1093 1094 1095 1201
100 ns S S S         S
250 ns           S S  
500 ns       S S      
GPS L1 Code (1575.42 MHz) S S S S S S S S
L1 GLONASS CT               S
Galileo (when operational)               S
BeiDou (when operational)               S
Event Timer(s) / 1PPS Deviation   S S S S S S S
IRIG-B Modulated   S S A A S S S
IRIG-B Unmodulated   S S S S S S S
IRIG-B Modified Manchester   S S          
IRIG-B C37.118.1-2005   S S S S S S S
IRIG-B C37.118.1-2011               S
1 Pulse-Per-Second (PPS) S S S S S S S S
Programmable Pulse   S S S S S S S
50, 60 PPS     S          
10, 100, 1k, 10k,100k PPS   S S          
1M, 5M, 10M PPS   S S          
1M, 5M, 10M Hz (Sinusoid) S              
IRIG=D, E, and H   S S          
RS-232, IRIG-J S S S S S S S S
RS-422/485 (Transmit)   S   A A S S S
Fault Relay(s)   S A A A S S S
Network Time Protocol (NTP) / Precision Time Protocol (PTP), IEEE 1588 Server   A A   A     A
Universal Power Supply S S S   S S   S
Low DC Power Supply   A A   A A   A
Surge Withstand Capability   A A   A A   S
Wall-mount Power Supply       S        
Rack Mount S S S A S S   S
Table Top       S        
LCD or VFD Display and/or Keypad S S(B/C) S S(B) S(B/C) S   S
Large LED Display   S(C)   S(C) S(C)   S(C) S(C)
Special Configs and Options                
Power System Time, Frequency and Phase Monitor   A A   A     A
IRIG-B Distribution Bus     A          
Lower Drift Oscillator               A
COMTRADE Generator   A A          

Warranty Information:

The Warranty Period to the original owner/purchaser for Arbiter products is one year from date of delivery with the following exceptions:

  • Models 1084B/C, 1088A/B, 1092A/B/C, 1093B/C, 1094B, and 1095A/C are limited lifetime.
  • Models 1083A/B and 1201B/C is five years from the date of delivery.
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