Options - Option 27 8-Channel High Drive IRIG-B Output

Summary Information

Adds eight independent, buffered outputs, each capable of driving multiple loads. Available on the Models 1084A/B/C, 1088B, and 1093B/C.

Full Description

Option 27 provides eight independent, IRIG-B buffered outputs, each capable of driving multiple loads. Outputs are short circuit and surge protected. Each output is individually configurable for either modulated or unmodulated IRIG-B signals via jumper settings.


Output Selection

Each output is jumper selectable for either a Modulated or Unmodulated signal.

  • Number of Channels: Eight (8).

Signal Levels:

  • Modulated: 4.5 Vpp with 20-Ohm source impedance; each channel will drive a 50-Ohm load to 3 Vpp minimum; requires Option 92 in Model 1093B/C.
  • Unmodulated: + 5-V open-circuit; + 4 V minimum at 250-mA load load current each channel will drive 25 Schweitzer SEL-3xx (in parallel) or 50 SEL-2xx (in series/parallel) relays at 10 mA per relay.

Maximum Load (per driver):

  • Modulated: No Limit: will drive a short circuit.
  • Unmodulated: 250-mA peak current; pulse-by-pulse shutdown if load current exceeds internal limit (self-resetting).

Output Connector

16-position pluggable 5-mm (Phoenix-type) terminal strip with eight 2-position mating connectors.

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