Model 1088 Firmware Update

Name : 1088B_Firmware
Version : 20Oct2016
Released : 20 October 2016


Updates are not security related.

  1. Fix leap second operation to properly warn and implement the leap second.
  2. Fix external oscillator operation if used. Default operation is internal oscillator.
  3. Front panel SETUP menu of the B7 broadcast incorrectly included the Option 28 submenu. The Option 28 submenu should only be visible in the Option 28 main menu.
  4. Changed the IRIG-B Daylight Saving Time (DST) pending bit to change state at xx:59:01 (was starting at xx:59:00). Now it is consistent with Leap Second Pending bit operation.

NOTE: EPROM update only, not downloadable. Click for EPROM installation document.

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