Accessories - AS0071800 Model 928A Starter Kit

Summary Information

Various accessories included in a single kit. See Full Description.

Full Description

Model 928A Starter Kit


  • AP0009700 Voltage Probe Lead Set (Clarification: two AP0009700's ship when ordering the Starter Kit)
  • AP0011200 External power supply, + 7 Vdc
  • AP0012300 100:1 Clamp-on CT, 150 A, 10 mV/A (1 V @ 100 A ac)
  • AS0082900 928A Bail Assembly
  • BT0000201 Four (4) AA Alkaline cells
  • CA0026106 USB Data Cable, 6 ft
  • CA0027200 CT Cable, Voltage Output
  • CTCAL01 CT characterization, 100 mA to 100 A (other ranges are available for additional fee. Contact sales for more information)
  • HD0069800 928A Soft Carrying Case

(Manual, as shown above, is shipped with the base 928A unit)

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